Yash to take a stand for Diya in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


While Diya and Ratan proceed to get engaged, the family plots to break their relation. Choti Thakurain compliments Diya’s beauty. She wards off bad sight from Ratan and Diya. She tells Diya that she has heartily accepted her now, as its about Ratan’s happiness, she will try to lower their bitterness, Ratan has been waiting for happiness since long. She gets praising of Diya. She gives Maan Singh’s clothes to Ratan. Diya takes the clothes and stops Ratan from wearing it. She apologizes to Choti Thakurain and says these clothes will be checked first.

Ratan gets annoyed when she doubts on his dad’s outfit. He says its my dad’s clothes, it has many memories, will you check this too. Diya explains him that enemy knows his emotional connection with the clothes, enemy can take advantage of his emotions. Ratan understands her point. The family frames Diya and makes her fall in Ratan’s eyes. Diya gets heartbroken when Ratan suspects her motives. Diya gets framed for being Ratan’s secret enemy. On Seeing Ratan’s hatred, she goes away from him.

Diya gets surrounded by darkness. She silently sheds tears. Yash meets her. Diya asks him to put some blames on her if he wants, like everyone has done the same. Yash tells her that he trusts her, he can’t believe any nonsense said against her, he can never think she could do anything such, her loyalty is really true. He tells her that his instinct makes it clear for him, he knows she can even give her life for Ratan. He asks her why did she not tell him about the fake love and engagement plan. He asks Diya to talk to Ratan once. He calls Ratan, while they hear Ratan threatening Diya. They rush to meet Ratan. Diya doesn’t want Ratan to do any stupidity.


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