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    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Kanak and Uma have a romantic union. Maasi gets angry seeing them. She gets left with no option than to announce their re-marriage. Uma gets the good news of Vansh and Saras’ union. He blesses them for a happy future together. He forgives Saras and apologizes for his anger. Vansh too apologizes to Uma for his bad behavior. Uma apologizes to Vansh as well. They all have a happy moment. Uma asks everyone to accept his apology, as he was very much wrong before. Bhabho feels she is lucky enough to see this day. She blesses Uma and Kanak. Maasi asks Kanak to leave with her family, as they will come with a baraat.


    Pihu writes a letter to Lord to pray for Raman and Ishita. She fixes the letter to the kite and goes to the terrace to fly the kite, so that her letter reaches the Lord. Ishita spots Pihu at the edge of the terrace. She informs Raman about this. They together save Pihu. Raman gets thankful to Ishita for saving Pihu. Ruhi too falls in trouble, when she finds Nikhil around. She gets numb, while a car approaches her. Ishita saves Ruhi’s life as well. She asks Ruhi to be careful. Ishita and Ruhi get Pihu’s letter. Ruhi tells her that Pihu stays scared at home. She promises to look after Pihu. Ishita feels she is much unfortunate. She tells her mum that she wants to be with her daughters, but she is failing.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Sudha scares Lakshya and reminds him how she has planned to kill Anami. She asks him not to tell anyone about her, else she will kill Anami as she has killed Vatsalya. Lakshya gets too scared and runs to his room. He fears of Sudha. Narottam asks Sudha to stop playing her bad games, else he will not support her. She reminds his involvement in Vatsalya’s murder. She asks him not to leave support, else she will get him trapped by Satrupa. She asks him to keep supporting her. Narottam feels ashamed to call Sudha as his mum. He gets much disappointed. He doesn’t want to commit more crimes on her orders.


    Kartik worries that Raghav can hurt Naira. He wants to stop Raghav from reaching home. He tells Suwarna that Raghav can send someone instead himself. Naira tries to strike a deal with Raghav so that he doesn’t ruin Sakshi’s life. She tells him that she knows his greed well. She agrees to pay him more so that she can get him arrested for blackmailing. Raghav suspects her move and thinks to threaten Sakshi. Naira makes a plan to nab Raghav. She doesn’t tell anything to Kartik, but feels sorry.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant confronts Ahana for her lies. Ahana confesses that she has married him to take revenge from Laila, but she has fallen in love with him. Anant asks her what if she didn’t love him, how could she break his trust. He gets angry on her big deceive. Laila gets to hear them and gets worried that Ahana will lose Anant. She thinks this truth will trouble Ahana a lot. Anant doesn’t forgive Ahana. She tells him that she has always tried to tell her past, but he didn’t show any interest in hearing her out. Anant offers to drop her home. Ahana gets upset that she couldn’t convince Anant.


    Shivay worries for Anika. Veer reaches him. Shivay takes him as a hurdle and fights with him. Veer stops him and tells him that he is here to help him, as he is a doctor. He helps Shivay and gets friendly with him. Anika gains consciousness and tells Shivay about the tea. Shivay feels she did a mistake to add something wrong instead milk. Veer tells Shivay and Anika that he is their neighbor, he has come back to stay with them on the upper floor. Shivay and Anika welcome him. Shivay thanks him for helping them. Veer tells them that destiny has brought them together, and now a new story will get weaved. He indirectly warns them about the future.


    Avni and Ali discuss that Neil has come here to find her escape plan. Neil decides to call off Ali’s catering services so that he can keep Ali away from helping Avni. Avni protests and tells Neil that she will not let him do this. Avni gets all the prisoners on her side. Neil doesn’t want to listen to her. He tells her that he can’t fulfill her dreams. Avni gets against Neil. Neil asks the jailer if Avni is the ideal prisoner of the jail. He asks Avni to hate him if she wants, but his answer will not change. Monica gets flirting with Neil. She wants to meet him secretly.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay and Gayatri welcome Aarti home. They insult Durga so that she gives up and accepts her mistake. Aarti taunts Durga for failing to her. Durga doesn’t want to give her rights to Aarti. She reminds that she is still Sanjay’s wife and no one can take her place. Sanjay warns Durga to mend her ways. Yashpal meets the blackmailer and gives him money so that Durga’s secret doesn’t come out. He beats the man and doesn’t want to get scared of him. The blackmailer threatens to tell everyone the truth. Sanjay spots Yashpal and follows him to know the matter. He realizes that the man is blackmailing Yashpal. He wants to know the secret.


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