Parth to realize Teni’s sacrifice in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Teni are trying their best to save their daughter from Madam ji. They were really succeeding from the place. Teni’s feet gets stuck. She asks Parth to run away with the girl. She begs him to leave, as they have to save their daughter. She sends off Parth when she sees the goons coming. She tells him that they came here to save the girl, that’s important for them, she can make a sacrifice for her daughter. Parth runs away. Teni gets caught by the goons. She knows Madam ji well. She is ready to manage and deal with Madam ji. Parth has changed Teni completely.

Teni’s perception has changed. She now wants to sacrifice herself for other’s happiness. Parth’s perception will also change after this incidence. Madam ji slaps Teni and punishes her. Parth will come back to save Teni. He can’t believe that Teni is risking her life for his child. He plans to get police and save Teni from Madam ji. He holds a strong evidence against Madam ji’s black deeds. He will be getting Madam ji arrested and save Teni from the evil clutches. During the drama, Parth will be getting shot in his arm. Teni will be getting her daughter back. She will realize that Parth saved her life by risking his life.


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