Ratan to get Diya arrested in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan gets Diya arrested. She gets chained by the security guards. Ratan starts hating her. He gets his anger out of Diya. Their relation ends on hatred note. Chote Thakur loves the sight of Diya’s sorrow. Ratan and Diya’s friendship got ruined. Diya’s plans failed completely. Ratan thinks she is the enemy who is trying to kill him. He can’t believe that he is so foolish that he didn’t see Diya’s truth. He gets hurt while hitting the punching bag. Yash stops Ratan and explains him that Diya can’t cheat him.

Ratan wants Diya to get punished when she is at fault. Diya is tolerating everything. She has done her duties always. She gets obedient to him again. She accepts the punishment. Yash will be clearing Ratan’s misunderstandings. He bears Ratan’s anger as well. Yash gets determined to set things fine. Diya will be returning in Ratan’s life and nab the real culprit.



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