Anushka’s dreams shatter with past revisiting in Laado 2


Yuvraaj hurts Anushka. He tells her that she will have to go through the same pain as he has gone through. Anushka sheds tears because of his cheat. Her feet bleeds when she is forced to walk on the glass pieces. She never expected such a grahpravesh. She has left Amma ji for her love. She believed Yuvraaj a lot. Yuvraaj tells her that he is doing this to take revenge from Amma ji. She can’t believe whatever is happening. Yuvraaj asks Anushka to look after his family, as its her duty. He counts Amma ji’s old crimes. She says Amma ji has made many children like me orphans, she has no right to get happiness. He vents out her frustration on Anushka. His family asks Anushka to get ready and come for Mu dikhai.

Meera takes Anushka for Mu-dikhai, as its very important. Anushka asks Meera about Yuvraaj’s hatred and anger. Meera tells her that Yuvraaj got happiness by his sister’s birth, then Yuvraaj got the news of his sister’s murder done by Amma ji. She tells Anushka about Yuvraaj’s past. Anushka knows more about Amma ji’s crimes. Anushka feels sad that much has happened with Yuvraaj. He is in revenge mode. She now has to bear the tortures of Yuvraaj. Amma ji comes to Balwant’s house to meet Anushka. She scares the guards and enters the house. Anushka is in shock over Amma ji’s past, which was hidden to her till now.


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