Diya to yearn for Ratan’s trust in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan and Diya have a big argument. Diya was trying to prove her innocence. Ratan makes her out of the house. He gets insulting her again. He feels his dad was wrong to choose Diya as his guard. He thinks his dad blindly trusted Diya and gave his responsibility to him, which is the biggest mistake of his life. Diya can’t believe how the things went out of his hand. She didn’t expect the enemies to play such a game. She has failed to win Ratan’s trust. Ratan doesn’t want to fall in the loyalty drama.

Ratan starts hating her. He is much hurt as he was trusting her a lot. He wants to show his hatred to Diya now. Diya and Yash get together to make Ratan understand the truth. Diya deals with the heartbreak. She wants to prove that she didn’t plan any attacks on him. Ratan feels she is the culprit, who acted as an angel in his life. Diya’s truth will come out soon. Diya and Ratan will realize each other’s worth.