Chakor fails to punish Imli in Udaan


Chakor is trying to remind Suraj the past. Chakor is failing in her attempts. She meets Suraj in the police station. She takes food for him. He gets angry seeing her. Constable gets the food for him. He doesn’t like the jail food and agrees to eat the food brought by Chakor. Chakor asks him how is the food. He says its not tasty. She asks hiṁ why is he eating the food then. She asks him to think of his past once. She reminds him how he used to fight against injustice. He asks her to leave and stop troubling him. She asks him to think well, else he will call her back, he will get restless and find her.

She holds his hand. He gets away. She understands all his arrogance. She cries and tells him about their old bond. She says its not your mistake, just Imli and Ranvijay are responsible. Chakor is bearing his anger, as her love for him can never get less. He asks her not to say anything against Imli. She tells him that one day he has to accept whatever she is saying. She is hopeful that Suraj will give up his anger. Police finds out that Imli is running an organ theft racket in the medical camp. Chakor asks inspector to arrest Imli, as she is the one doing this evil crime. Kasturi goes against Chakor and gives statement in Imli’s favor. Imli and Ranvijay bail out Suraj and stay unaffected by Chakor’s blames. Chakor fails to get them punished.


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