Kanak to learn Maasi’s new planning in Tu Sooraj…


Maasi has called Kanak’s friend Neha home. Neha visits Uma’s workplace and flirts with him. Neha has come to stay with Kanak for few days. She tries to trap Uma in love. Uma doesn’t understand her motives. He tells her that she talks well. She reminds him that he has cured her before. He tells her that he doesn’t do treat female patients. She says I have sent my brother to get medicines, I know you well. She gets lying more. Uma tries to keep her away. He feels uncomfortable by her talks.

She tries to force him to accompany her to the jewelry shop. He tells her that he is much busy, he has to buy herbs. He then recalls something seeing her scarf and agrees to go with her. He realizes Neha is Kanak’s friend. Neha will work for Maasi and try to separate Uma and Kanak. Kanak is not aware of Maasi’s new game. Kanak tells Rani that Maasi didn’t get exposed, now they have one way that’s to find Maasi’s entire truth. She shares her idea with Rani. Kanak will soon know Maasi’s planning and face the new trouble.


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