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    Meri Durga:
    Yashpal goes to stab Sudhir and end the chapter for once and all. He doesn’t want his secret to come out. He gets a big shock on finding Sanjay there. Sanjay tells him that he got to know his secret. He blackmails Yashpal. He tells Yashpal that he was following him and met Sudhir, who told him the entire truth. Yashpal begs him to hide the secret. He is ready to do anything to save Durga and his family. Sanjay asks him to make Durga accept her mistake and clean his parents’ image. Yashpal gets helpless to agree to Sanjay. Durga calls the police and complaints about Sanjay. She asks inspector to arrest Sanjay.

    Gayatri and Aarti oppose her. Durga gets humiliating Aarti, when Gayatri tries to save the latter. Sanjay asks Yashpal not to worry for the blackmailer, as he has fed him enough money to buy the big secret. He promises that he will not tell anything to Durga. He threatens Yashpal into doing everything as per his command. He asks him to meet Durga and make her declare her mistake to the media. Yashpal finds the price too big, but unwillingly agrees to him. He feels Durga’s safety is more important. Annapurna worries for Durga. Her tension gets observed by Rajveer. He thinks to find out the trouble. Yashpal meets Durga to tell her about Sanjay’s wish. Sanjay tells Durga that he is blackmailing Yashpal by using his secret. Durga tries to find out the secret, but fails.


    Anika gets a huge shock when she finds a stranger in the locked room. She happens to see her shadow. She gets scared when the shadow approaches her by using her weakness. Anika gets panicking in the darkness. The woman frightens her to the core. Anika gets screaming. Shivay reaches her on time. Anika tells him about the woman hiding in their house. Shivay tells her that he didn’t hear any bell sound. He asks her to believe him, there is no one around. She tells him that she has thrown things at the woman. She makes him check the room to see the mess. Shivay finds everything fine, which proves her wrong. She asks him to believe her once. He tells her that its just her stress. The woman succeeds to play with Anika’s mind.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Laila tries much to save Ahana’s marriage. She takes the entire blame on her. She tries to make Anant and Ahana’s relation fine. Laila defends Ahana. She wants Anant to accept Ahana. Anant tells Laila that he knows Ahana is much impulsive. He doesn’t get in Laila’s words. He gets annoyed with Ahana. His annoyance continues. Ahana vents out her anger on the servants. Anant refuses her calls, which makes her go mad. Anant thinks of her. He falls in a dilemma. Rehaan asks Ahana did she get her true face out. He taunts her, which upsets her further. Anant thinks to meet Reema and take her advice on his relation. Tarun resigns so that he doesn’t get more loss for Anant.

    Rishton Ka Chakrayvuh:

    Anami tries to confirm if Satrupa is involved in Lakshya’s kidnapping. She thinks of making a plan to catch the culprit. She meets Adhiraj and gives him the proof. She doesn’t want to spare the kidnapper. Adhiraj tells her that Satrupa has some connection with the kidnapping. He feels Purushottam has forced Satrupa to kidnap Lakshya. Anami wants Lakshya to speak up, so that they can solve the case. Sudha gets to hear them. She makes a plan to protect herself. She tells Narottam, that they have to stop Anami. Narottam asks her to leave Anami alone. He asks her to realize how much is Lakshya suffering. She finds him turning stupid and threatens him.


    Ishita gets busy in finding a child counselor for Pihu. She tells her family that Pihu needs help. She informs Aaliya about the counselor. She makes a mind to accompany Pihu. She stops Raman and asks him to take her along. Raman asks her not to come, as she is not needed. She doesn’t care for his anger and gets in the car. Raman doesn’t want her to interfere always. He plays tricks to get rid of her. He thinks she is troubling a lot and he has to teach her a lesson. Ishita and Raman’s arguments bring a smile on Pihu’s face.


    Neil finds Avni’s escape plans and finds a way to stop her. He makes Avni busy in yoga activity and instructs DD to clear the tunnel. Avni thinks Neil can know her plans. She thinks of doing something to save herself. Neil talks to Monica and learns Avni’s plans to remove Monica from her cell. He thinks Avni has done this so that she stays alone in her cell and manages to escape. He provokes Monica into opposing Avni. Monica tells him that Avni is mad, but she will not leave Avni now. Neil is sure that Avni will do some mistake when Monica challenges her. He wants to stop Avni from going to her cell.


    Naira suggests Sakshi to tell the truth to Anubhav. Sakshi doesn’t agree. She gets scared of Raghav. Naira tells Sakshi that Raghav has to get caught. Kartik and Suwarna fail to know anything about Raghav. Kartik gets worried for Naira. Suwarna asks him to be positive. Raghav plans to avenge Naira. He gets prepared to enter Goenka house during the Christmas party and ruin Naira’s happiness. Naira gets a bad dream about Raghav revealing the abortion truth to family and making her away from everyone. Kartik consoles her. He tells her that her bad dream won’t get true.


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