Anika gets haunted by a planted spirit in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets a huge shock when she finds a stranger in the locked room. She happens to see her shadow. She gets scared when the shadow approaches her by using her weakness. Anika gets panicking in the darkness. The woman frightens her to the core. Anika gets screaming. Shivay reaches her on time. Anika tells him about the woman hiding in their house. Shivay tells her that he didn’t hear any bell sound. He asks her to believe him, there is no one around. She tells him that she has thrown things at the woman. She makes him check the room to see the mess. Shivay finds everything fine, which proves her wrong. She asks him to believe her once. He tells her that its just her stress. The woman succeeds to play with Anika’s mind.

Shivay worries for Anika. He tells her that she is really getting stressed. He asks her not to think that she is mad. He realizes she is missing the family and its getting tough for her to stay alone. He tells her that she is his strength, his foundation and support. He tries to cheer her up. He assures that they both will overcome any problem in their lives. He wants to become her strength and be with her always. She thanks him for trusting her. They have an emotional moment.

Shivay and Anika meet Veer and Monali. Anika gets influenced by Monali, considering her the perfect wife. She thinks to get training from Monali and become a good wife to please Shivay. Shivay and Anika have a talk with them. Shivay tells them that he will just prepare food and come. Anika stops him and suggests that she will go. Shivay doesn’t want her to go. Anika tries her hand in preparing barbecue. Anika gets lightening the tough situation and dances, while Veer smiles seeing her. Veer tells Shivay that Anika must be not knowing cooking. Shivay tells them that he doesn’t encourage Anika for cooking, but she wants to become a perfect wife. He feels blessed to have a wife like Anika.

Veer goes to help out Anika. He asks her to follow the recipe and know the method. Veer helps her out, while Anika gets a huge shock on finding the same woman in the kitchen. Veer acts of not seeing that woman, which makes Anika get goosebumps. Anika can’t believe her eyes. The woman runs off when Veer makes Anika busy. Anika gets worried thinking the stress is really taking a toll on her health.

The next shocking incident happens when a blast happens in the kitchen. Anika runs to inform Shivay about it. Shivay finds everything fine again. Anika asks Shivay to understand her, she is not lying. He doesn’t find any sign of the explosion. He is relieved that Anika is fine. Anika feels sorry that she has ruined everything. Veer and Monali offer them help. Anika regrets for not being a good wife. On the other hand, Gauri doubts that Tia can see everything and is just acting to be blind. Tia understands what Gauri is up to. She tries much to fool Gauri. Gauri understands Tia’s intentions to settle with them. She insults Tia and asks her to leave. Tia asks Gauri not to insult her. Gauri tests Tia and throws a box at her. Tia purposely gets hurt to fool Gauri. Tia then blames Gauri and gets her scolded by Tej. What will Gauri do now? Keep reading.


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