Neil and Avni’s love cheats to continue in Naamkarann


Avni comes to Neil’s cabin. Neil hurts her feelings once again. Avni is in search of jail’s blueprint. Neil asks his team to find Avni. He sends them to search for Avni. Avni tries to leave silently. He finds Avni in his own cabin. He hugs her and expresses his fear to lose her. He tells her that he was worried for her. She gets upset and asks him not to show his rights on her. She asks him why does he care if she is dead or alive. She asks him not to look after her, as she is not related to him. She tells him that she has gone out as she was having a headache.

He asks her to stop misunderstanding him, as he is fed up of fighting with her. They have a cute moment. He tries to end her annoyance. He wants to explain her what is he planning to do and why. He expresses his love. He hugs her. Avni gets melting her heart. Neil fools her and ties the handcuffs. Avni asks him what is he doing. He apologizes to her and asks her to stay in his cabin till he returns. She tells him that he will never change. He doesn’t want to let her escape. He is trying hard to stop her from breaking the laws again. Avni wants to escape from the jail. Her anger for Neil gets higher. Her doubt on love and relations get deeper.


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