JD to challenge Pankti’s true love in Tu Aashiqui


Anita and Pankti come to attend Mata ki Chowki in JD’s house. Aparna has invited them home. JD starts insulting Anita and her daughters. Aparna gets there to support Pankti. JD then indirectly taunts Pankti. He asks Anita if Purva is doing some job, that she couldn’t come. He feels they are very poor now, as they have lost their main support. He asks Pankti will she help her mum by doing overtime, or will she get married and settle down like good family girls. Aparna supports Pankti and replies JD.

She tells JD that Pankti is very talented and capable, she can do both office duties and home duties, she can balance everything. She welcomes Pankti home. JD finds an excuse and tells Aparna that he wants to talk to Pankti about Ahaan. He asks Pankti to come with him outside, as he wants to know his would be bahu well. Pankti understands what he means to say.

JD takes her outside and vents out anger on her. He says you never cared for my wishes and emotions, you just gave me anger and distance, I will make love a deal now, I will do anything to get you, pray that I win, you know me well, I don’t lose to anyone, no matter what it takes. He wants Pankti to get away from Ahaan. She tells JD that she will always be of Ahaan. JD jokes on her new found love. He threatens her about Ahaan. He says your love for Ahaan is too strong, I wonder what Ahaan does that you got mad for him. She can’t live without Ahaan. She faces JD’s wrath.


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