Obros to relieve Anika’s fears in Ishqbaaz


Some woman is troubling Anika. Omkara, Gauri and Rudra support Anika. They all make a plan to catch the woman, who was driving Anika crazy. Julie gets caught. She was scaring Anika since few days. Shivay gets to see Julie. He scolds her for hurting Anika. Gauri and Anika tie up Julie. Shivaye calls the police. He gets Julie arrested. Shivaye says this is the woman who was troubling my wife. Julie gets taken away. Anika sees Julie in the house again. Julie haunts her. Anika faints by fear.

Shivay and Omkara rush to Anika. Veer treats Anika. Anika gets conscious and tells Shivay that Julie has comeback, he has seen her again. Gauri tells her that they have sent Julie away. Shivay and Omkara check the CCTV footage. They don’t see Julie in it. Anika says she is here in our house. Shivay explains Anika that Julie is arrested, maybe she is hallucinating by fear. Anika tells him that she was followed Julie and then she fainted. She asks him to trust her, she was there in the room. She cries and gets upset. Shivay tries to cheer her up. Shivay dances with Anika and wishes her for new years. Omkara and Gauri too try hard to make Anika’s mood fine. Shivay consoles Anika.


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