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    Meri Durga: Durga asks Yashpal what is he hiding from her, is there anything he wants to tell. He tells her that he wants her to accept that Sanjay’s parents are innocent, and she has lied to frame them. She can’t believe that Yashpal is asking her to spoil everything. She reminds him how their family was tortured because of Sanjay. She fights with him. He asks her to promise that she will do this for him. She refuses to him. She tells him that this isn’t right, she will never agree to his wrong demand. He forces her to do as he says. He asks her to call the press conference and declare that she lied to the media before. Sanjay gets glad seeing Yashpal dancing on his fingers.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Adhiraj tells everyone that he took the big risk just to get Lakshya’s voice back, so that they could solve the case and know the culprits. Anami and Satrupa get happy knowing Lakshya got his voice back. They break down emotionally. Satrupa’s happiness slips in tension when Lakshya starts telling them about the kidnapping. She tries to stop him from telling her name. Anami gets glad that her plan succeeded. The family rejoices that Lakshya got fine. Satrupa doesn’t want to lose Anami. Satrupa bonds with Lakshya. She thinks of the time when she kept Lakshya in guest house.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant decides to part ways with Ahana. He doesn’t talk to her. He arrives home late. Yamini tries to know his problem. Anant hides the issues from her. She asks him to share the problem if he wants, as they can find any solution together. He respects her, but doesn’t want to lie to her. He doesn’t have any courage to tell her the truth. He asks her not to worry for him, he will deal with the difficult phase on his own.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik spreads happiness by becoming Santa for Christmas eve. He performs and enjoys with the entire family. Kartik worries and thinks of catching Raghav before he hurts anyone. Naira looks for Kartik. Kartik makes a plan to nab Raghav. Raghav makes a mind to spoil Naira’s happiness. Suwarna knows about Raghav. She tries to stop Naira from meeting Kartik, who has to leave urgently and meet Raghav. Kartik leaves from the party. Raghav comes to Goenka house in Santa’s disguise. The family assumes him to be Kartik. Raghav takes Kartik’s place. He works out his plan to reveal Naira’s affair truth to the family.

    Kartik reaches the place to meet Raghav. He learns its a trap, as Raghav just wanted him to be away from home. He thinks what would Raghav do after reaching his home. Raghav thinks of revealing Naira’s truth to Goenkas. He gifts the reports to Dadi. Naira doesn’t know of Raghav’s presence. Suwarna doesn’t see Raghav in the party. Kartik tries to seek help from Suwarna. Singhanias compliments Goenkas for being so perfect. Naira gets the gift received by Dadi. Raghav’s identity gets known to kids. Raghav easily fooled them. He tries to hide his identity. He attempts to break Naira’s truth again. Kartik learns that Raghav is at home. He calls up Suwarna to inform about Raghav. Naira gets the medical reports before anyone else does. Naira decides to burn the reports. Will Goenkas learn the matter and misunderstand Naira?


    Neil warns Vidyut against dreaming to get Avni. He makes it clear that Vidyut can never achieve Avni. Vidyut doesn’t care for Neil’s warnings. He is confident that he will meet Avni soon. Neil blocks the tunnel route to fail Avni’s escaping plans. He keeps Avni occupied to send her to her cell late. Avni repairs his cabin wall and paints it. Neil slips in a moment with Avni. He runs to help Avni. Avni doesn’t forgive him. She then finds a new way to escape. She finds the blue prints file. She thinks of stealing the file, so that she can get her freedom. Neil gets helpless to hide the truth. He tells her that he wants to stop her from breaking law. He asks her not to behave badly. He makes her finish the work. She tells him that their relationship is over now, things can never get fine between them. Her bitterness hurts his heart.

    Avni feels Neil is having a motive behind his doings. She finishes the work and reaches her cell, to get a shocking surprise from Neil. She finds the wall re-built. She learns Neil has foiled her plans. She gets angry that Neil wasted all her hardwork by deceiving her again. Neil is doing everything to save her from committing a big crime. He finds Avni annoyed.

    Avni speaks out her frustration about love and marriage. She tells everyone that all her beliefs in love and marriage are void, as marriage is just a medium for men to take control over women’s lives. She feels Neil has cheated her again and again, when she showed trust in him. Vidyut makes a plan to dress as Santa and enter the jail to meet Avni. DD suggests Neil to sort his differences with Avni. He asks Neil to please Avni by gifting her for Christmas party. Neil agrees to attend the party and bring happiness in Avni’s life. He gets ready for the Christmas party.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Ashok tries to sort his business problems. He doesn’t want anyone to use his medical issues against him. Ishita calls Ashok to remind him about his medicines. She gets to hear about Ashok’s business problem. The investor refuses to terminate the investment if Ishita doesn’t turn up for the meeting. Ishita thinks its time to return Ashok’s favor. She goes to meet Ashok to save his business from sinking. She upsets Raman and Pihu, and goes to help out Ashok. Raman tries to cheer up Pihu. He plays a game with her. He learns her liking for Ishita. He too misses Ishita. He tells Pihu that he is also feeling sad like her, but he doesn’t know the reason. He questions his emotions.

    Simmi fears that Pihu would have told anything about her to the counsellor. Parmeet asks her not to worry, Pihu would never go against her. Ishita helps Ashok. She asks him to go ahead for the treatment. He asks her not to take stress about him. She really wishes that he recovers. She asks him who has spread his illness news to his investors. Ashok tells her that Parmeet is behind this. Simmi tries to scare Pihu again. Raman decides to celebrate Christmas. He wants to normalize Pihu. He spends time with Pihu and promises that he will always be with her. He meets Ishita and invites her for Christmas party. She gets glad that Raman has come ahead to invite her.

    Raman and family organizes the party to cheer up Pihu. He asks the family to forget all their differences with Ishita for Pihu’s sake. Simmi doesn’t succeed to make Raman against Ishita. The family supports Raman in his decision. Simmi and Parmeet make a plan to take advantage of the situation and turn tables in their favor. Raman surprises Pihu with the Christmas party setup. Ishita gears up to meet Bhallas and celebrate Christmas with them. She looks forward to relive her old days. What will Simmi do against Ishita?


    Anika gets stressed thinking of the bad happenings. Shivay finds her too sad. He tries to pacify her. She feels guilty to spoil all his plans. She apologizes to him. He asks her not to blame herself. She feels he is doing an extra bit by managing things, which is actually her work. She tells him that she is failing to do her duties well, she feels bad that she is not qualifying as a good wife. She compares herself with the perfect lady Monali. Shivay tells her that she is special as she is much unique, she is not ordinary and she shouldn’t become ordinary.


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