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Shakti:Preeto has decided to get Soumya her identity. She has kept a birthday party home with a motive to tell the world that Soumya is a kinner. She wants everyone to accept Soumya and respect her identity. The guests flow in along with the kinners. Harak happily dances in the party and shows his good side. Preeto tells the guests that she has to tell some important thing to them, and its important that kinners are present here. Harak stops Preeto and tells everyone that they will continue the party after bhaangra.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren and Pooja get caught by Mr. Kapoor again. Naren is ready to battle with Mr. Kapoor for his love Pooja. Mr. Kapoor kidnaps Pooja. He takes her away from the family. He gets dirty-minded. He gets obsessed for Pooja. He gets unstoppable by Pooja. He has much powers. Naren reaches the place to save Pooja. He fails to find her. He just see Pooja’s picture in the room. Naren finds it tough to find the mystery. He gets locked up in the chamber. Pooja gives an answer to Mr. Kapoor. She goes to attack him.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth manages the baby. He talks to the baby and says girls are too tough to understand, Teni has no time to attend my office party, but she wants to celebrate new years with her chawl neighbors, she has much time to enjoy there, she never listens to me. He complains about Teni. The baby starts crying. He asks baby to forget everything. Teni is really good, did she feel bad as Teni is her mom. He consoles the baby. Dada and Dadi take the baby from him, and laugh on his cute conversation.

Tu Aashiqui:

Anita and Pankti come to attend Mata ki Chowki in JD’s house. Aparna has invited them home. JD starts insulting Anita and her daughters. Aparna gets there to support Pankti. JD then indirectly taunts Pankti. He asks Anita if Purva is doing some job, that she couldn’t come. He feels they are very poor now, as they have lost their main support. He asks Pankti will she help her mum by doing overtime, or will she get married and settle down like good family girls. Aparna supports Pankti and replies JD.

Laado 2:
Anushka’s Mu dikhai happens. The lady gives her ghungroo and asks her to dance. Anushka gets shocked. She looks at Yuvraaj with hope. She didn’t expect this to happen. She is much hurt as this is happening because of Amma ji. She expects Yuvraaj to stop her, but he doesn’t. Amma ji comes to stop Anushka from dancing. Anushka refuses to go with Amma ji. She tells Amma ji that she will stay with Yuvraaj, he is her husband and can do anything. She tries to win his heart. Amma ji fails to take Anushka home.

Ishqbaaz: Some woman is troubling Anika. Omkara, Gauri and Rudra support Anika. They all make a plan to catch the woman, who was driving Anika crazy. Julie gets caught. She was scaring Anika since few days. Shivay gets to see Julie. He scolds her for hurting Anika. Gauri and Anika tie up Julie. Shivaye calls the police. He gets Julie arrested. Shivaye says this is the woman who was troubling my wife. Julie gets taken away. Anika sees Julie in the house again. Julie haunts her. Anika faints by fear.


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