Rehaan to answer Gupta’s badmouthing move in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Anant decides to part ways with Ahana. He doesn’t talk to her. He arrives home late. Yamini tries to know his problem. Anant hides the issues from her. She asks him to share the problem if he wants, as they can find any solution together. He respects her, but doesn’t want to lie to her. He doesn’t have any courage to tell her the truth. He asks her not to worry for him, he will deal with the difficult phase on his own.

Laila and Shelly try to defame Gupta by using Gupta’s employee. The girl refuses to go against Gupta, who can ruin her family. Laila forces her to give statement against Gupta, else she will expose her affair to everyone. She threatens the girl to accept their terms. She assures her that she will save her from Gupta. The girl unwillingly agrees to Laila. Anant gets to read Ahana’s diary. He thinks of his marriage relationship. He meets his children to de-stress a bit. Roshni and Aarav talk about Ahana. Aarav suggests him to forgive Ahana and talk to her.

Ahana misses Anant and looks for him everywhere. She expects him to forget the matter and forgive him. Rehaan and Vyoma spend some time at a restaurant. Gupta spots them and gets insulting Rehaan. He badmouths Anant. He asks Rehaan to warn Anant, who is getting destroyed. He creates a scene by telling everyone about Anant’s life. Rehaan tolerates a lot. He politely asks Gupta to leave and let them be in peace.

Gupta scolds him for threatening. He continues his dirty talk about Anant. Rehaan loses his cool and gets into a fight with Gupta. He pushes Gupta into the swimming pool. He publicly threatens Gupta. Anant learns the matter and asks Rehaan about it. Rehaan tells him that he lost control when Gupta was badmouthing him. He apologizes to Anant. Anant forgives him. He asks him to have control over his anger.

He tells Rehaan that this happened as he has hidden Ahana’s truth from him. He tells him that things got much worse now. Roshni misbehaves with Kavita angrily. Kavita gets revengeful and sends Roshni’s video to Ahana. Ahana worries for Roshni. Anant gets the divorce papers made. He gets sure of his decision to free himself and Ahana from the meaningless marriage. Anant learns Roshni’s matter and scolds her for cheating. Ahana tries to defend Roshni. Anant declares that he can’t live a lie with Ahana.


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