Satrupa attempts to wrap her truth in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj tells everyone that he took the big risk just to get Lakshya’s voice back, so that they could solve the case and know the culprits. Anami and Satrupa get happy knowing Lakshya got his voice back. They break down emotionally. Satrupa’s happiness slips in tension when Lakshya starts telling them about the kidnapping. She tries to stop him from telling her name. Anami gets glad that her plan succeeded. The family rejoices that Lakshya got fine. Satrupa doesn’t want to lose Anami. Satrupa bonds with Lakshya. She thinks of the time when she kept Lakshya in guest house.

Sudha learns Lakshya got fine. She worries that he will expose her truth. Narottam feels Lakshya will not say anything as Sudha has scared him a lot. She tells him that Lakshya can tell everything to Anami, he may overcome his fears by Anami’s support.

She asks Narottam to support her, as Anami will try to find the culprit at any cost. She wants to end the problem from the roots. He asks her what is she planning to do. She plans to hurt Lakshya to stop him from exposing her truth. Anami and Lakshya get back to their normal selves. Anami makes him dress like a hero. The sister-brother duo dance and celebrate their union. The family keeps a puja at home.

Dadi explains Satrupa that she shouldn’t come between Madhu and her children. She asks Satrupa not to be so selfish. Satrupa accepts her mistake. She decides to drop Lakshya to Banaras. Dadi asks her to hide the matter from Anami. Sudha asks Narottam to keep a watch on Lakshya, till she executes her plan. Sudha plays a big trick to hurt Lakshya. Satrupa tells Anami that she is very happy for Lakshya’s recovery.

Anami judges her by thinking the past. She thinks of Satrupa’s involvement in Lakshya’s kidnapping. Lakshya and Satrupa act friendly. Anami falls in dilemma. She feels the case is too complicated to get solved. The puja gets conducted. Sudha tries to revive Lakshya’s fears by spreading darkness in Lal Mahal. She attempts to shut up Lakshya’s voice forever. Narottam feels bad of Sudha’s evil. He fails to stop Sudha, who attempts to kill Lakshya. Lakshya gets scared of darkness and runs to Satrupa for help.


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