Suraj gives up slavery to protect Chakor in Udaan


Chakor tries to stop the delivery truck. She tells Suraj that he will stop the truck if he loves her. She gets in front of the truck. Suraj has to deliver the organs at the hospital and get money for Imli. Chakor doesn’t want Imli to succeed. Suraj applies the brakes, reaching close to her. She gets glad when Suraj stops the truck. She tells Suraj that she is glad that he has sympathy for her. She asks him how can he sell organs of the villagers, does he not have a heart. She tells him that he has gone against Imli and Ranvijay by stopping the truck, it means he can fight with them. Suraj gets angry.

He asks her not to expect much from him. She diverts Suraj. She makes him busy in talk, till Chagan and Pakhi get the organs boxes back. Chakor succeeds in saving the organs. Suraj hurts Chakor and makes her away from his way. Chakor then gets the truck burnt. Ranvijay and Imli learn about Suraj’s big mistake. Ranvijay gets torturing Suraj to punish him. Imli doesn’t care. She fears that Suraj will give up the slavery and join Chakor. She stops Ranvijay from being too harsh. She sends off Suraj to his place. Imli tells Ranvijay that they have to think for some plan to deal with Chakor.


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