Simar attempts to ruin the magical box in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar struggles and manages to run away from the goons. Aaliya instructs the goons to find Simar. Simar is suffering because of the magical box. Aaliya had kidnapped Simar to get the magical box. Simar gets courage and saves her life. She hides from the goons. She gets much hurt in the process to reach home. Simar meets Mata ji and tells her about the magical box. Mata ji tells her that Aaliya tried to kill her to get the box, but Prem saved her. She says we got rid of Aaliya now, its good she has gone, Prem threatened her of police, don’t know what’s the powers of this magical box that Aaliya went to the extent of attacking me. She asks Simar to throw the box away.

Simar tells her that the box shouldn’t fall in any wrong hands. She says I have tried to throw the box, but it came back home, I have to find some solution to ruin this box. Mata ji asks her not to go alone, she will come along. Simar asks Mata ji to keep the box safe, till she returns. She doesn’t want to risk the family’s lives. Sameer and Sanjana have a romantic moment. He gets into an argument with Sanjana. He doesn’t want the magical box to ruin their marriage. He tries to protect Sanjana, but ends up upsetting her.


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