Preeto to make a big sacrifice for Soumya in Shakti


Preeto has decided to get Soumya her identity. She has kept a birthday party home with a motive to tell the world that Soumya is a kinner. She wants everyone to accept Soumya and respect her identity. The guests flow in along with the kinners. Harak happily dances in the party and shows his good side. Preeto tells the guests that she has to tell some important thing to them, and its important that kinners are present here. Harak stops Preeto and tells everyone that they will continue the party after bhaangra.

He takes some time from the guests. He shocks Preeto with the divorce papers and tells her that she will have to sign the divorce papers if she has to get Soumya’s identity truth out. Preeto agrees to sign the papers. Soumya stops Preeto from signing on the papers. Preeto says let me sign the papers, the relations have become a deal now. Soumya tells her that she is happy as Harman’s Gulabo, she can spend her entire life as Preeto’s bahu. Preeto tells her that if they don’t tell this today, they can never tell this in future. Soumya swears and tells Harman that if her truth gets known to everyone, she will not be his wife. She asks Harman to stop Preeto. Preeto gets adamant to get Soumya her rights.


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