Avni to badly humiliate Neil in Naamkarann


Neil organizes a cultural festival for the prisoners. He tries to keep Avni away. Avni tries to use Neil’s absence. She sneaks in his cabin to find the blue prints. She fails to get any information. Neil gets gifts for everyone. He keeps a special gift for Avni. He thinks she will accept the gift. Avni gets angry on Neil. She reprimands him for always controlling his life. She gets humiliating him. She tells him that he was always selfish to form a relation and abandon her by his wishes.

She reminds him how he has broken the marriage and freed her from all the relations. Everyone learns that Neil is Avni’s husband. Neil bears the humiliation. He wishes to tell her that he was trying to save her from Vidyut and this isn’t any punishment for her.

Vidyut gets prepared to meet Avni. He thinks to meet Monica and seek her help. Neil tries to convince Avni by taking help from prisoners. The girls agree to help Neil. Neil takes a favor from them. The girls hide Avni’s clothes, which compels Avni to wear the saree gifted by Neil. Avni unwilling wears the gifted saree. Neil gets glad seeing her in her old avatar. Avni tells him that she was helpless to wear this saree as her clothes got missing. She gets many compliments from everyone. Neil gets sharing a moment with Avni. Vidyut sneaks into the jail. He aims to meet Avni. Neil gets worried when he finds Avni missing.


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