Naira’s relations to fall apart in Yeh Rishta…


Naira gets the abortion reports and gets worried. She goes to destroy the reports. Sakshi learns the matter. Naira tells her that Raghav has reached them, anything could have happened today. She feels lucky to get the reports which Raghav kept in an anonymous gift box. Kartik tries to reach home to find Raghav. Naira and Sakshi burn the reports, which doesn’t burn completely. Anubhav gets the report and confronts Sakshi about it. He asks her if she had an abortion. He wants an answer from her.

Before Sakshi could speak the truth, Naira comes ahead to sacrifice for Sakshi’s sake. Naira saves Sakshi’s relation by lying to Anubhav. She tells him that its her abortion reports. She takes the blame on her head. Dadi hears Naira’s words and gets moved by her shocking confession. Dadi finds the news terrible to believe and accept. Naira makes Sakshi’s relation secure. She tells Anubhav that Sakshi is innocent, she was just helping her as a friend. Anubhav asks Naira does Kartik know about her abortion. Naira tells him that Kartik is not aware of this truth. Dadi feels Naira has cheated Kartik.

Naira asks Anubhav not to tell anything to Kartik, as he trusts her a lot. She doesn’t want Kartik to know the matter and get hurt. She feels Kartik won’t be able to handle the matter. Raghav feels his plan is working, as Naira herself has hit on her leg. Kartik gets late to reach home. Anubhav tells Naira that Kartik hates lies, she should tell him the truth. He shows his criticism towards Naira’s past. He apologizes to Sakshi. He tells Naira that the truth will come out soon, and then her marriage will suffer.

Sakshi thanks Naira for her big sacrifice. Dadi feels burdened by the truth. Dadi shares the bitter truth with Manish. The family learns about Naira’s abortion. Kartik fears Raghav will spoil things at home. He tries reaching home, while the family accuses Naira for cheating Kartik. Naira accepts the blame, knowing Sakshi and Anubhav are still in the party. Naira’s family too gets a big shock. Dadi throws out Naira from Goenka house. She abandons Naira and wants her out of Kartik’s life.


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