A grand carnival marks a new story in Ishqbaaz


Anika tells Gauri that she has missed her a lot. She feels she was away from her sister. Gauri tells her how upset she was, when she saw the family breaking. Anika misses the family. Anika boasts of her good wife’s qualities to Gauri. Gauri then finds a mess. She laughs out and tells Anika that now the house looks of Anika’s. Anika shows her the entire house. Gauri asks her about the locked room. Rudra tries much to open the door, but fails. The woman staying inside prepares to shoot Rudra.

Anika and Gauri stop Rudra from entering the room. They ask Anika if she is hiding something from them. Anika tells them about the woman troubling her. Shivay tells them about the woman seen by Anika. Gauri asks them not to worry now, as they will catch the woman any how. They support Anika and make a plan. They make Anika act of sleeping so that the woman comes to scare her. Gauri, Omkara and Rudra keep an eye on Anika. Anika gets to see the woman again. She gets connected to everyone and goes ahead to trap the woman. They catch the woman and tie her up. They then get to see the woman.

Shivay learns Anika’s fears were true. Shivay calls police and gets her arrested. They learn about the woman’s crime records. Shivay tells Anika that now its over, no one will trouble her. Anika gets upset that she couldn’t prepare any surprise for Shivay. Shivay and Anika plan a grand Carnival for their new year bash. Anika praises Shivay for arranging such a thing in so less time. They get admiring each other. Shivay introduces his family to Veer and Monali. They all have fun. Back at home, Dadi gets disappointed by Tej and Pinky’s clashes. She tells them that the house is all vacant because of their greed and fights. Veer plots to spoil the fun and reaches Anika to express his craze.


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