High Five Spoilers

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Sasural Simar Ka: Simar comes home after dumping the magical box. Mata ji and all the family members attack her, saying the woman entering their house can’t be Simar. Simar asks Mata ji what is she doing, why can’t she identify her. Mata ji attacks her with the trishul. Mata ji tells Simar that she is a bad spirit, who tried to ruin their family. Simar gets injured and falls down. The family does this drama to fool Aaliya.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma shares his happiness with Kanak. He tells Kanak that his medicinal experiment done on the cow has resulted good. Uma and Kanak get very happy. Shiv and Kanak congratulate Uma for his success. She asks Uma if she can keep a party for her friends. Uma doesn’t understand the hens’ party. Uma questions them about hens’ party and apologizes as their family is strict vegetarian. He doesn’t permit them to keep hens’ party. Kanak and her friends laugh on the meaning he derived.

Piyaa Albela:
Mr. Kapoor cheats Pooja and locks her in his house. Mr. Kapoor tries to molest her. Mr. Kapoor challenges Naren to find them and save his queen if he has courage. Naren reaches Mr. Kapoor’s mansion. He gets locked in a room, and struggles to find the way out. Naren finally reaches Pooja. Pooja gets crying and runs to seek help from Naren. Naren hugs her and finds Mr. Kapoor there. He vents out anger on Mr. Kapoor and beats him up in a heroic style. Naren showers love on Pooja. Mr. Kapoor stops Naren from taking Pooja.

Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun meets Jia and tells her that he is Jhanvi’s Arjun. Arjun worries for Jia. He apologize to her in a cute way. He is hopeful that Jia will vent out frustration and ultimately forgive him. Arjun didn’t wish to put her in deep trouble. Jia scolds him. Arjun tells her that its his mistake to break her heart, but he didn’t wish to put her in danger. He accepts his mistake. Jia doesn’t want to believe him. She tells him that she always believed him to have a good heart, she can’t believe she has loved such a man. Arjun tries to convince her. Jia misses Aditya. Arjun realizes her sorrow. He asks her to get fine and then they will together take revenge from Nisha.

Harak kept the divorce condition in front of Preeto. He doesn’t want Soumya’s identity truth to come out. Mohini’s plan fails. Preeto gets strong and answers Mohini. She blackmails Harak. Soumya asks Harak to give same respect to Preeto if he wants her secret to be under wraps. Harak agrees to Soumya. Mohini asks Harak how can he agree. He asks her to calm down. Mohini doesn’t understand what’s happening with her. Harak doesn’t want his respect to suffer. He asks Mohini to obey Preeto. Preeto makes Mohini work as maid and troubles her.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Devina doesn’t want Akhilesh to get married. She fools the prospective bride’s family, who in turn wants Akhilesh to marry a monkey. Akhilesh and Pushpa unwillingly agree. Devina tells Pushpa that she will try to help them too. She sends her children home. She wants her son’s engagement to happen on time. Pushpa learns Devina’s planning and gets angry. She understands Devina has created a hurdle for Akhilesh’s engagement. Pushpa rushes for home to fail Devina’s plans.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Tejaswini gets trapped by Rajveer. Preeti and Mandira have planted Rajveer in Tejaswini’s life. They panic Tejaswini by spreading a fake news about his family. Tejaswini warns Mandira against hurting her child. She tells Mandira that she will not leave her if she harms her family.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre: Maasa asks Devi to give Agnipariksha. She tells Adhiraj that Devi is not carrying his child in her womb. She forces Devi to walk on the burning coals. Devi gets ready to take the risk. She goes ahead to walk on the burning coals. She wants to prove herself right. Adhiraj stops Devi and keeps his hand under Devi’s feet. He saves Devi from getting hurt. Adhiraj turns too caring only for his child.

Ayushaman Bhava:
Krish’s truth gets known to Kavya. She gets against Vikrant and feels the person she has worshipped as Lord is really a backstabber. She thinks of confronting the devil Vikrant. Kavya meets Vikrant and asks him about killing Avinash and Krish before. Vikrant gets a huge shock knowing Kavya has learnt the entire truth. She sees his devilish side when he accepts his crimes on her face. He calls his goons to get Krish murdered.

Kavya tries to stop him from doing so. Kavya hinders his plan. The confrontation doesn’t yield any good result, as Vikrant’s fear to get exposed in front of Kavya ends completely. He starts playing openly. He apologizes to Kavya and attempts to kill her, so that no relation comes between his fight with Krish. Sudhir and Samaira receive a big shock seeing Vikrant attacking his own daughter, whom he loved the most in the world. Vikrant gets mad in his thirst for revenge. Krish turns up to save Kavya from Vikrant. Krish would be killing Vikrant and getting justice for his loved ones. The show will mark a end tonight with a happy union of Krish and Kavya, who were childhood friends.


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