Uma and Kanak celebrate a new success in Tu Sooraj…


Uma shares his happiness with Kanak. He tells Kanak that his medicinal experiment done on the cow has resulted good. Uma and Kanak get very happy. Shiv and Kanak congratulate Uma for his success. She asks Uma if she can keep a party for her friends. Uma doesn’t understand the hens’ party. Uma questions them about hens’ party and apologizes as their family is strict vegetarian. He doesn’t permit them to keep hens’ party. Kanak and her friends laugh on the meaning he derived.

Uma’s innocent words makes Kanak fall for him. Kanak then explains him what hens’ party means. She asks him to permit them. Uma asks Kanak to throw a party, he won’t stop her if this will make her happy. Kanak asks Maasi to attend the hens’ party. Maasi opposes the party idea. She asks Kanak will they dance on filmi songs. Kanak’s friends tell Uma that they will dance on folk songs. Uma goes against Maasi and permits them to enjoy as they want. Shiv says Uma and Kanak will be getting married soon. Maasi fails to Kanak once again. What will Maasi do to stop Uma and Kanak’s marriage? Keep reading.


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