Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi senses Nikhil’s return


Adi and Aaliya make Pihu happy by taking her for Christmas shopping. Pihu gets glad. The family prepares for Christmas celebrations. Simmi welcomes Ishita and doesn’t stop Pihu from meeting her mum. Ishita keeps Simmi away. Simmi and Parmeet plan to get the papers from Iyer house. They try to get the house keys. Shagun finds Ishita happy and congratulates her for Raman’s progress. Raman comes as Santa and spreads happiness. The family celebrates happily. Parmeet tries to hide from everyone and workout his plan.

Raman and Ishita dance on Pihu’s wish. They have a moment. Parmeet and Simmi think of the legal documents, which can be beneficial for them. They don’t care about Raman and Ishita’s closeness.

Meanwhile, Ruhi gets a huge shock when she gets a shocking gift from Nikhil. She fears of Nikhil entering her life again. The bitter memories get fresh. Raman hears Parmeet and Simmi talking about some important papers Ishita is carrying. He asks Ishita about the papers. She refuses to give papers. They end up arguing. Pihu fools them and ties them cuffs to bond them together till their fight gets solved. She asks them to sort their fights without cheating. Pihu gets glad finding them in same frame. Ishita’s memories flash up in mind and brings a smile on her face.


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