IshRa’s happy moment with Pihu in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Big twists to shatter IshRa's bond

Ishita tells Romi that she will always support him. Mihika gets upset with Ishita. She asks Ishita not to interfere in her matters again. Ishita tries to explain Mihika about Romi. Mihika doesn’t listen to her. Raman meets someone and tries to know about Ishita’s documents. Simmi tries to send off everyone from home. Pihu gets worried that Simmi may corner her and torture her. Pihu informs Ishita about Simmi sending away the family. Simmi goes to torture Pihu. She tries to beat up Pihu. Ishita confronts Simmi. She reprimands Simmi for daring to hurt Pihu.

Raman comes home and tells Simmi that Ishita is not bad. He tells her that Ishita is making big donations on Ananya’s name. He asks Simmi to change her opinion about Ishita. Simmi tells him that Ishita is doing this to wash her sins, Ananya can’t come back by Ishita’s charity. She refuses to listen to him. She asks him to save Pihu from Ishita. Raman asks her to understand that Pihu is happy with Ishita.

Simmi learns Mihika’s anger on Ishita. She tries to use Mihika by joining hands with her. Simmi makes Mihika emotional and spits poison against Ishita. Mihika feels everything is unfair against Simmi and her. She shares her pain with Simmi. She tells Simmi what Ishita did in court, how she has trapped Romi and her in a relation. Simmi fills Mihika’s ears against Ishita. She asks Mihika to do something for her rights. Mihika falls in Simmi’s words. Ishita and Pihu play.

Raman gets glad seeing Pihu’s happiness. He thinks he is not a good parent and he should let Pihu stay with Ishita. Pihu tells Raman that she wanted to spend some time with Ishita. Raman asks Pihu to come home, Simmi is waiting for her. Pihu refuses to go home. Raman joins them in the game. They spend some quality time. Simmi worries for Raman and Ishita being together. She asks Mihika to call them back. Mihika asks Simmi to let them be. Raman, Ishita and Pihu play games and enjoy their family time. Simmi plants Mihika against Ishita.


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