Naira gets ousted from Goenka family in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi questions Naira about the abortion. Anubhav tells Dadi that he just got to know about this, he feels Kartik’s life got ruined. Dadi vents out her anger on Dadi. Sakshi gets scared and tells everyone that Naira really had an abortion. Sakshi lies to save herself, which shocks Naira. Naira tells Dadi that this is not true. Dadi feels Naira is cursed, and she has ruined Kartik’s life. She feels Naira has stained the entire family. She takes a decision for Kartik’s life. She shows the door to Naira.

Naira doesn’t leave the house. Dadi tells Naira that she can never tolerate her in the house. She drags Naira out of the house. Singhanias cry for Naira. They all ask Dadi to stop doing this. Naira wants Kartik with her. Kartik tries reaching the house. Naira and Kartik feel the same pain, though separated by distance.

Dadi doesn’t let anyone help Naira. Naksh gets into an argument with Dadi. Dadi tells him about Naira’s abortion. Naksh doesn’t listen to Dadi. Dadi stops him from disobeying her. Everyone finds Naira gone away. Naira sheds tears. She misses Kartik.

Kartik comes home. He tries to find out Naira. Everyone stays silent. Aryan tells Kartik that no one will tell him anything, as the family has thrown out Naira from here to punish her for the mistake. Aryan tells him about Naira’s abortion. Raghav will be kidnapping Naira.


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