Naira’s humiliation to divide relations in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik learns that Dadi has thrown out Naira from the house. He tells Dadi that Naira isn’t wrong. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to come back. She tries to stop Kartik. Kartik tells her that he will explain everything once he gets Naira back. Naksh informs them that Naira didn’t reach home. He tells them that he will not keep relations with them if anything happens to Naira. Dadi blames Naira. She tells everyone that Naira is herself responsible for everything. Kartik tells them that he doesn’t care for Naira’s pregnancy and abortion, he always knew this truth and didn’t let it come between his marriage. He tells them that he doesn’t care for Naira’s past. He asks Suwarna how did she let this happen. He worries for Naira. He worries for Naira’s life. Suwarna sends him to find Naira.

Naira stays depressed and thinks of Kartik. Naksh seeks help from police. He tries hard to find Naira. Suwarna scolds Aryan. She asks him not to speak ill about Kartik and Naira. She tells everyone that they should support Kartik at least. She shows her belief in Naira.

Dadi scolds Suwarna for siding with Naira. Suwarna takes a stand for Naira. She tells Dadi that this time she is wrong to throw out Naira from home. She doesn’t want any injustice to happen with Naira.

Naira feels Kartik will understand her. She wants to meet Kartik and explain him about Sakshi’s abortion. Before she could reach Kartik, Raghav kidnaps her. Suwarna tells Dadi that she will save Naira from all the false accusations. Dadi finds Naira has done black magic on them to control their minds. Suwarna tells them that Kartik and Naira’s love is strong, no one can break their relation. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to use Kartik’s innocence. She tells everyone that Naira has cheated Kartik, and this won’t be tolerated. Kartik misses to see Naira. Dadi asks everyone why are they worrying for Naira, when she is doing this drama to go missing and trouble them.

Naksh gets police at Goenka house. He asks them to cooperate and answer the questions to help them find Naira. Dadi tells them about Naira’s sin. Naksh asks her not to give her opinion. He tells Dadi that he will forget all relations if his sister falls in risk. He threatens them about Kirti. Suwarna tells Dadi that she will not believe any proofs against Naira, she will just believe Naira’s words.

Raghav corners Naira. Naira asks Raghav what does he want. Raghav tells her that her attitude always drives him crazy. Kartik tries to find Raghav, thinking he has hurt Naira. Raghav asks Naira why did she humiliate him and made him apologize to Sakshi. He tells Naira that he doesn’t want money now, he wants revenge from her. He wants to humiliate Naira the same way. Naira tries to fight with him. Raghav hurts her. Naira runs away from Raghav. Naksh calls Kartik and tells him that he got to know everything about Naira’s past, but he didn’t do this right to hide the matter from family. He blames Kartik for making them see this day. Goenkas get angry when Naksh holds Kartik responsible for everything. Raghav drags Naira to kill her. Will Raghav succeed? Keep reading.


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