Roshni disapproves Ahana yet again in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana wants to keep her marriage at any cost. Ahana joins Anant and her picture. Ahana thinks to befriend Anant’s children so that she can reach his heart. She hopes the good news will fill a new hope. Ahana sorts Aarav and Roshni’s fight. Aarav gets easily convinced with Ahana, while Roshni still stays aloof. Roshni talks to her boyfriend, who asks her to meet him on a date. He asks her to spend some time with him. Roshni believes in his love. Ahana asks Aarav not to fight with Roshni. Aarav asks for her help. She asks him to help himself as sometimes person’s determination is enough. She asks him to make a wish and pray. Ahana tries to talk to Anant. Anant doesn’t talk to her. Anant gets unwell. Tarun worries for him. He asks Anant about his medicines. Anant doesn’t want to take any help from Ahana.

Laila and Gupta get into a heated argument. Laila pities him. She tells him that his bad days have begun. She asks him to see how his affair news spreads. Laila gets insulting him.

Vyoma asks Rehaan to stay back with her. Rehaan refuses to her. He makes a mind to return to Anant. She loves Rehaan a lot. She tells Rehaan that they should get married now. Rehaan rejects her. He tells her that he can sacrifice love for Anant’s sake. She gets dejected. She doesn’t want Rehaan to give more priority to Anant. He tells her that Anant is the most important person in his life and he can’t love her more than Anant. Vyoma understands Rehaan’s feelings. She lets him go.

Rehaan gets in a dilemma over his feelings for Ahana. He comes back home. Ahana doesn’t get a pleasant surprise seeing Rehaan back. Ahana tells Anant that she has to talk to him and break a good news. Ahana thinks of telling Anant about her pregnancy. She surprises Aarav by decorating a room for him. Roshni blames Ahana for breaking Aarav and her. Roshni gets insulting Ahana. Ahana gets much hurt. Roshni asks Ahana about Yamini’s room. Ahana shifts Yamini. Roshni fights for Yamini’s rights. Anant tries to calm down Roshni. Ahana tries to defend herself. Anant asks Ahana why didn’t she ask him once before deciding everything alone. Ahana’s efforts go in vain.


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