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Kartik looks for Naira. He finds the ropes tied up to a tree and senses Naira was there. Raghav takes Naira away with him. He ties ropes to her neck. He drags Naira by the ropes and injures her. Kartik worries thinking of some bad happening. Raghav tortures her. Kartik goes ahead to find her. Naira tries to ask help from the passing crowd. No one helps her. Raghav wants to reach Naira before Kartik. Naira gets her phone. She runs away to call Kartik.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Vin sets out his plan to torture Siddhi. He invites his friends to insult Siddhi. Siddhi feels he has crossed his limits. He has called Savita there. He wanted to show Savita that Siddhi is here, staying in his house as per a contract. When he sees Savita, he gets shocked and realized his dance teacher is Siddhi, his childhood friend. He gets much emotional. Vin then stops everyone. He saves Siddhi and takes her away. He feels heartbroken. He hugs Siddhi. Siddhi doesn’t realize why is he behaving such. Vin beats the men. Siddhi scolds him for inviting such men to trouble her. She asks him not to act great, after creating trouble for her.

Soumya meets some kinners. Saaya comes there and doubts that the kinners are troubling Soumya. Saaya finds Soumya worried. Soumya has much tension about Harman’s life. She fails to tell anything to Saaya. Harman wants to give happiness to Soumya. He tells her that his love will end all the pain given to her by life. Soumya can’t believe that someone can love her so much. The society disapproves Soumya and Harman’s relation. Soumya’s fears get high. She asks Harman about the society acceptance. Harman doesn’t care for anyone. He wants to give her the best of her life.


Meri Durga:
Durga leaves from the stadium, after her win in the tournament. Durga angrily scolds Sanjay for driving recklessly and hurting people. She saves the people from the accident. She asks him to value people’s life. Durga vents out all her anger on Sanjay.

Ek Deewana Tha:
Sharanya got some spiritual things from Sadhvi. She wanted to save Vyom from Shiv. Vyom gets attacked again. Sharanya is upset with Sadhvi. She scolds her and finds her fraud. Sharanya has full faith in Mata Rani. She believes Vyom will get fine. She gets visuals of Shiv. She tells Sadhvi that she can now see the place, its the accident spot. She has many questions in her mind. She asks Sadhvi why did she do this, when she didn’t know the result of these things. She wants to fight for Vyom.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:
The mystery intensifies when Rahul spots a headless horse rider in the jungle. Rahul seeks help from his friends and looks out for the mysterious figure killing people at night. The horse rider is believed to be Kaal Bhairav’s aide.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara wins ahead in her challenge. She cuts down all the financial resources for Falguni. Uttara believes Falguni and Niyati will give up and leave Vidhaan’s alliance. Uttara is hell bent to kill Niyati’s child. She tries many things to hurt Niyati. Falguni swears to protect Niyati’s child.


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