High Five Spoilers

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Chote Thakur is made to dance wearing ghungroos. He wears the ghungroos and dances like a fool. Chote Thakurain and everyone see him dancing. Diya has punished Chote Thakur. She asks him to continue dancing, if he stops, she will get his hands cut. Chote Thakur gets tired of dancing. He says I will become Sholay’s Thakur than dancing like Basanti. The family members get upset with the punishment. They worry for Chote Thakur. Mohan gets unwell. He faints down. The family worries for him. Diya sees all the happenings and gets smiling. She takes revenge from them.


Chakor declares a war with Imli. She decides to stand in elections. The villagers support her. She is sure to win the elections and then tackle Imli and Ranvijay. Chagan and Bhuvan lift Chakor and chant her campaign liners. They want Chakor to get powerful like Chakor. They think Imli’s power can be countered just by equal political power. Chakor wants to end Imli’s crimes. Chakor challenges Imli. She tells Imli that she will soon become an ordinary person like the villagers.


Kartik saves Naira and gets her home. He asks Dadi not to say anything against Naira, he can’t hear any word against her. His love is unbreakable. He breaks his silence. He says I don’t want to remind everyone about my love for Naira, she is my life, her respect is my responsibility, I will fight for her, you all can decide as its your right, I will not snatch anyone’s rights. He asks Dadi to decide anything, she has a right to give her opinion, but he will also defend Naira. Dadi is much angry on Naira. She tells Kartik that she can’t forgive Naira.

Meri Durga:

Sanjay becomes the new chief of the sports association. He wants to trouble Durga. Durga gets surprised knowing about Sanjay’s new post. Sanjay introduces herself as the new chief. He asks everyone to pay him respect. He asks Durga to understand his position and not go against. He tells her what powers he has in his hands. He says I can expel any athlete for a petty mistake, I hate lies, I don’t forgive any liars. He tells Durga that sports association shouldn’t get defamed because of her mistakes.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Teni have a cute moment. Parth realizes that he can’t hide his feelings for long. He didn’t plan anything, but speaks out his emotions. He realizes that if Teni goes America, he will miss her a lot. He wanted to stop her. Parth proposes Teni. He expresses his feelings for Teni. Teni accepts his proposal. Parth makes her wear a flower ring. Teni and Parth’s hearts unite. Parth asks her to come in his life forever. Teni was waiting for this day since long. Teni asks him to give a diamond ring later. Parth promises her. She tells him that she has seen in movies, that couple hugs after exchanging rings. Parth asks her to see the place, there are people around. He takes her home. Teni gets emotional. She drops her USA plans.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki plans her marriage with Babbu. She doesn’t want to take any risk. She doesn’t know Babbu and his mum’s hatred for her. She has no idea about the real motive behind the marriage. Babbu’s mum gets ready to torture Nimki and make her life a hell after marriage. Babbu takes the baraat for Nimki. Nimki has many dreams of a perfect married life with her first love Babbu.

Laado 2:

Anushka is crying for her broken heart. All her wishes have got swept away. Yuvraaj is hurting her by his anger and arrogance. He throws her on the ground. He asks her to set her bedding on the ground. Yuvraaj says this marriage is fake, this sindoor and mangalsutra doesn’t matter, you are not Anushka for me, you are just Amma ji’s grand daughter, spending time with you will be a punishment for me. Anushka sheds tears. She faces the worse days of her life. Yuvraaj expresses his bitterness for Anushka.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira is ready to cross any limits to get Vijay. Mandira burns the divorce documents, which she has signed on Vijay’s pressurizing. She acts obedient. She thinks to keep her image clean, so that no one can accuse her. Mandira plans to steal the divorce papers and destroy. She can do anything to win Vijay’s love. She uses Bulbul in her plan. She reaches Anant’s house by donning a ghunghat. She takes Bulbul’s avatar to commit the crime. Mandira shuts the door and locks herself.


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