On Verge: Anika gives up to Veer’s plotting in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz New entry brings troubles for Anika

Anika hears bell sounds. She gets frightened once again. She tells Shivay that she can hear the bell sound, but when she tries to prove it, she fails miserably. She asks Shivay to trust her once. She tells Shivay that there are many bells hanging to the wall in the cycle knob room. Shivay doesn’t find anything there. Anika gets worried. She asks him to just believe her, the rings were hanging and ringing together. She tells him that she is not mad. She doesn’t know what’s happening with her. Shivay asks her to come with him. He pacifies Anika.

Anika says I have really got mad, just call the mental asylum people, send me away from here. She asks him to do this for her sake. Shivay gets angry on her. He asks her to just shut up, they will talk in the morning now. He asks her to understand him and stop crying. He worries for her. He doesn’t want to send her anywhere. She fears that her madness will hurt Shivay. She doesn’t want to become a problem for Shivay and Oberoi family. She asks him to tell her, when does she have to leave. She gets trapped by Veer. Veer corners Anika and breaks her from Shivay. Shivay senses someone is plotting everything. Will he realize Shwetlana and Veer’s conspiracy? Keep reading.


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