Kartik decides to protect Naira’s esteem in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

The family tries to find Naira. Kartik’s courage gets low. Naksh boosts his courage. He tells Kartik that Naira is very strong, she will fight for her life, she won’t give up to problems. Singhanias and Goenkas try everything to find Naira. Kartik happens to find Raghav. Kirti worries seeing the terms between both families getting worse by Naira’s absence. Kartik catches Raghav. He demands to know about Naira. He beats up Raghav and makes him speak out his plans.

Raghav thinks Naira would have died by now. He tells Kartik that he has punished Naira in her own way. Kartik and Naksh try to find Naira in the jungle. Naira struggles for his life. Naksh takes the help of police. Kartik recollects the place where he has sensed Naira. He rushes back to rescue Naira, only to find her in grave danger. Kartik jumps into the tanker and finds Naira in. He rescues Naira. Kartik’s true love gets proved once again. Kartik and Naksh get peace when Naira gets conscious. Kartik decides to take a stand for his wife’s respect.


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