Shivay to learn the big conspiracy against Anika in Ishqbaaz


Anika tells Veer that Shivay will always believe her. She gets praising Shivay. Shivay tries to prove that Anika is fine. Veer plots to fool Shivay and prove that Anika is mad. However, Shivay finds out that someone is conspiring to prove Anika mad. He gets clues and learns Anika has been saying true. He connects the dots and thinks who is residing in the house. Veer leaves Shivay to himself. He feels Shivay can’t find anything against him. He thinks Shivay will just act as he wishes.

Shivay wonders if someone is playing with their minds. He observes the camera angles. Shivay learns the planning against Anika. Veer misses to see Shivay learning his plans. Shivay tries to find who is troubling Anika and for what motives. He decides to play along to reach the culprit. Veer feels Shivay will just see the scene when Anika gets tagged mad.

Veer meets Shivay and Anika. He gives the keys of the cycle knob room. He asks them to verify their doubts. He takes them to the room. Veer tries to clear the doubt in Shivay’s mind. He feels Shivay will not think much about the locked room from now on. Anika stays stressed. Shivay tries to comfort her. Veer tells Shivay that Anika seems to be losing her mind, though he is disheartened to say this.

Shivay tells him that he doesn’t understand the problem. He doesn’t tell Veer that everything happening with Anika is well-planned. He hides the matter from Veer. Veer tells him that he should take Anika to a doctor soon. Shivay admits that Anika is really going mad, as he has also noticed her behavioral changes. Anika gets upset with Shivay. Veer plans to add drugs in Anika’s soup, so that she acts mad and gets away from Shivay. The little girl throws the ball and ruins Veer’s planning. Veer was expecting Anika to go mad and come to seek help from him. He apologizes to Shivay for his daughter’s mistake. He gets upset when Anika and Shivay make a leave.

Gauri gets a threatening call. She learns someone is trying to kill Pinky. She gets worried for Pinky. Someone aims to destroy Shivay and entire family. Gauri thinks to share the shocking thing with Omkara, who is managing the party arrangements. Gauri tells Omkara about someone planning to kill Pinky. She suggests him to cancel the party. Omkara tells her that this business belongs to Shivay and he has to look after the business in Shivay’s absence. He checks the security arrangements to comfort her fears. Tia tries to instigate Omkara against Gauri. She pities Gauri, who is not capable to share his work responsibilities. Omkara warns her against speaking ill about Gauri. Gauri will be stopping Tia from ruining her happy family.


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