Laado 2: Jhanvi’s memories to guide Anushka


Anushka gets crying when Yuvraaj forces her to get a tattoo made, which will remind her of Amma ji’s crimes. She is much worried. She tries to erase the tattoo. She fails in her attempts. She misses her sister. She imagines Jhanvi and talks to her. Jhanvi asks her not to hate Amma ji, she loves them a lot. Anushka tells her that Amma ji is the problem of everything, she is responsible for my state. Jhanvi says she is our Dadi, she was Amma ji in past, she didn’t let her past affect them, whatever is written is by their fate. Anushka says someone has to pay for her crimes, I have to bear this punishment.

Yuvraaj is leaving no stones unturned. He tells Anushka that culprits should get punished. He says you will get punished and Amma ji will also bear this. He hurts Anushka. Tai ji yells on Anushka. She asks Anushka why didn’t she come on their call. She troubles Anushka more. Anushka gets badly trapped in her Sasural.


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