Naira to undergo a fatal attack in Yeh Rishta…

Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

Naira tries to escape. Naira prays for any help to reach her. Kartik tries to find her. Naira attempts to hide from Raghav. She gets a phone. She fails to contact Kartik. She then tries to leave a clue for him. Raghav captures her. He starts torturing her. Singhanias feel Goenkas have done injustice with Naira. They think Naira deserved a chance to defend herself. Kirti feels the pressure of her family’s mistake. Everyone prays that Naira stays fine. Kirti worries for Naira’s life more than her relationship with Naksh.

Kartik calls Sakshi and seeks help to find Naira. Anubhav doesn’t let Sakshi help. Sakshi fears for Naira’s life. Kartik senses Naira is around. He gets Naira’s message for help. He gets too worried for her. Naira fights with Raghav. She tries to run away and falls inside a water tank.

Raghav thinks its time to punish Naira and end her game. He traps Naira inside the tank in order to kill her. Naira has a belief that Kartik will find her and then Raghav won’t be spared. Kartik follows the jungle path and gets more clues. Raghav asks Naira to pay for her crimes. He tells her that this is her punishment, she will die without seeing her loved ones. Naira shouts for help. Raghav starts the water supply to make her die at the earliest. Raghav leaves from the jungle, while Naira gets praying for her life. Kartik reaches the same place and finds a clue signing to Naira’s presence. He then saves Naira.


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