Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami manages to escape from Lal Mahal


Adhiraj realizes his love for Anami. He meets Anami, who tells him the plans of her leaving. He gets saddened knowing she will be going away. He doesn’t want to support her this time. She asks him to do his duty, she won’t feel bad of anything. She asks him to let her go too far from Lal Mahal. Adhiraj fails to express his feelings. Anami tells him that she will miss him a lot. Anami seeks help from Poonam and executes her escape plan. Anami and Lakshya manage to run away from Lal Mahal.

Anami is taken back to Dadi and Dada ji, who are giving away gifts to the singers. Anami takes their blessings. She feels sad to go away from them. Narottam saves Anami from getting sighted by everyone. He helps her run away. He asks her not to return, as no one loves her here. Anami gets thankful to him for his help. Sudha doubts on Anami, while Narottam stops Sudha from reaching Anami. He wants to protect Anami and Lakshya from Sudha. Anami manages to leave Lal Mahal and her family. The family learns about Anami’s leaving. Much chaos get created in Lal Mahal.


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