Vidyut to capture-torture Neo in Naamkarann


Avni continues blaming Neil. Neil fails to explain her that he wants to prove her innocence. He doesn’t want Avni to run away as a criminal. He wants Avni to get released from the jail with all the due respect. Vidyut makes a plan and sends a girl to seek help from Neil. He doubts Neil is Neo. He thinks of making Neil away from the jail as per his planning. Neil thinks of rescuing the girls trapped by Vidyut. He himself falls in Vidyut’s trap. Avni feels like believing Neil one more time.

Vidyut meets Neil and insults him. Neil gets into an argument. Vidyut tries to prove all the allegations wrong. He asks Neil to protect Avni from him, since he will be soon meeting Avni. Vidyut challenges Neil. He knows Neil can’t be at two places at the same time. He tells Neil that Neo has no courage to face him, Neo is like a coward. He asks Neil to increase his security. Neil gets taunting him on his cowardliness. He promises to catch Neo. Neil gets stuck as he has to keep Avni away from Vidyut and also save the girls.

Avni tries to execute her escape plans. She then learns Vidyut is visiting the jail. She gets prepared to meet Vidyut in her old avatar. Neil takes Neo’s avatar to save the innocent girls from Vidyut’s hideout. He doesn’t realize that Vidyut had made this plan to trap him. Monica tries to hinder Avni’s planning. She sees her freedom closer, when Vidyut visits the jail for a puja. Vidyut finds Neil missing and gets his doubt more certain. Avni gets a huge shock on seeing her bigger enemy Vidyut in front of her. Neil gets engaged in saving the girls, while Vidyut meets Avni.

Avni fails to oppose Vidyut. Vidyut tells Avni that he wants to unite with her forever, as they both make a rocking couple. Avni learns his true intentions. Vidyut keeps Neil away from the jail. Neil fails in his attempt to rescue the girls. He falls unconscious.

Avni threatens Vidyut. She tells him that she is not helpless, she is enough to kill him any day. She asks him not to think of hurting Neil. Vidyut tells her that they have strong connection between their minds. Neil recollects Avni and gains consciousness. He proceeds to fulfill his goals. Neil saves all the girls from Vidyut. Vidyut tells Avni that very soon she will become of him. Neil gets caught by Vidyut’s goons, who torture him. Vidyut and Avni learn that Neil is the mysterious Neo. Vidyut instructs his goons to torture Neil till he dies. Avni gets a huge shock seeing Neil’s bad state. Vidyut thinks of striking a deal with Avni for Neil’s life.


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