Pooja to make another sacrifice for Naren in Piyaa Albela

Pooja tries to find Naren

Pooja and Naren have a new tragedy in their lives. Naren is rushed to the hospital. Pooja and Naren get parted again. Pooja has crossed new limits for her love. She has sacrificed herself to save Naren and his family. She has killed Mr. Kapoor. She has saved the family from knowing the big secret. Mr. Kapoor had added poison in Naren’s drink. He wanted to kill Pooja, but Pooja changed his plan. She gave him the same poisonous drink. Mr. Kapoor didn’t know his drink had the poison.

Before taking his last breath, he calls police and informs that Pooja has given him the poison to kill him. Pooja and Dada ji find the evidence CD, which has Naren’s illegitimacy truth. Pooja hands over the CD to Dada ji. She secures Naren’s truth. Police reaches there and arrests Pooja. She asks Dada ji to return home, as the family needs him. Naren gets conscious and tries to leave from the hospital to reach Pooja. He gets worried for her.

Pooja lands in jail for Mr. Kapoor’s murder blame. Naren gets fine and meets her in jail. She shatters on seeing him. She asks him to take her home, as she is very much scared in the lockup. She lets loose her emotions and sheds tears. Naren calls the lawyer to get Pooja bailed out. Naren tells the inspector that Pooja is not mentally balanced, there is no cure to make her fine. He produces the medical reports. Naren tries to save Pooja. Pooja is happy to see Naren fine. She acts kiddish in front of Naren. She continues the drama. Naren tells inspector that they have to free Pooja, else he will accuse the police to harass a mentally challenged girl. Pooja feels guilty. She wants to end her lie soon.


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