Chakor’s love to reform Suraj in Udaan


Chakor reaches Suraj to remind him their love. She doesn’t get away on his wish. She tells him that she will sacrifice herself for his love. She gets pushing him to recall the past. Suraj doesn’t recollect anything. Chakor tells him more about their lovely relation. She asks him to find love in her eyes and know her truth. Seeing her immense love and dedication, Suraj turns caring towards her. Chakor is sure that her love will melt his heart. Suraj loses himself in her eyes. Chakor gets happy that he is getting affected by her.

The villagers attack on Suraj. Suraj fights with them. Chakor too steps in and protects Suraj. She doesn’t want Suraj to fall in trouble. Chakor asks them to leave Suraj. The villagers run away. Chakor wants all the villagers to support her so that they can gain strength by unity. Suraj helps her in saving the medicine boxes.

Chakor and Suraj do the work together. Chakor gets hurt during the work. She asks Suraj to drop her home. She asks him does he have no pity for her. Suraj agrees to drop her home. Suraj lifts her and walks. Chakor recalls their similar incident happened before. She wishes he recalls the past. Some villagers get angry and plan to trouble Suraj. Chakor feels Suraj is innocent and he shouldn’t be punished. Chakor asks the villagers to take revenge from Imli and Ranvijay, not Suraj. Suraj asks Chakor why does she always help him. Chakor tells him that he already knows the answer, that she loves him a lot.


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