Akhilesh to learn Ira’s big blunder in Meri Hanikarak Biwi


Devina and Akhilesh get close to see the shocking posters. Ira stops Akhilesh from knowing the truth. She thinks the time is crucial and Akhilesh shouldn’t know the truth at the moment. She doesn’t want to break his dreams and marriage. Ira gets emotional seeing Pushpa and Akhilesh’s lovely bond. Akhilesh gets the haldi applied to him. Ira tries to get the posters removed. Akhilesh happens to get the poster and gets a big shock on knowing the wrong operation done on him. He confronts Ira for it. Ira apologizes to him.

He gets angry on her for ruining Pushpa’s hopes and happiness. He tells her that he has no courage to tell this to Pushpa, he can’t hurt her emotions by revealing her that he can’t take the family ahead. Akhilesh finds hard to accept the truth that he can never father a child after the vasectomy blunder done by Ira. He threatens to kill Ira. On coming home, Akhilesh gets crying. He fears to tell the bitter truth to Pushpa. Akhilesh’s marriage with Chutki breaks, leading to chaos in Devina mansion.


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