Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka:
Piyush and Sameer make a plan to expose Aaliya. They leak the poisonous gas to make Aaliya confess her crimes. Aaliya finds herself tied up and fails to save herself. Piyush demands her to accept her crime and get her freedom. Aaliya gets scared. They want to know the mystery of the magic box. Aaliya refuses to tell them anything. She tells them that she will not tell her plan at any cost. Sameer tells her that she can die by this poisonous gas, its better that she admits the truth. Simar and Sanjana stop Piyush and Sameer from torturing Aaliya. Simar tells them that they can’t harm even their enemy. Aaliya takes advantage of Simar’s goodness. She wants to ruin the family by using the box.

Laado 2:


Anushka gets the cooking duties. Anushka tries hard to win the family’s heart. Anushka wants to prove herself. She doesn’t want to give a chance to anyone to insult her. She cooks the delicious food in one hour. Yuvraaj comes to spoil the food. He acts to romance and fools her. Anushka’s hopes get high. Anushka tells him that she has to serve the food to everyone. He tells her that he will help her. Yuvraaj’s family tortures her by making her work as a servant.


Chakor reaches Suraj to remind him their love. She doesn’t get away on his wish. She tells him that she will sacrifice herself for his love. She gets pushing him to recall the past. Suraj doesn’t recollect anything. Chakor tells him more about their lovely relation. She asks him to find love in her eyes and know her truth. Seeing her immense love and dedication, Suraj turns caring towards her. Chakor is sure that her love will melt his heart. Suraj loses himself in her eyes. Chakor gets happy that he is getting affected by her. Suraj helps her in saving the medicine boxes.

Harman and Soumya will be having a new storm in their lives. Someone is planning to ruin them. Maharani will return in their lives. Maharani wanted to sell Soumya in Bangkok. Maharani wants to take revenge from Harman and Soumya, who got her arrested. Soumya will be facing big troubles. Harman will still be her protective shield and save her.


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