Gauri to fall prey to Tia’s plotting in Ishqbaaz


Gauri worries for Pinky’s life. She tries to protect Pinky. She sees Pinky consuming a drink. She fears that the juice has poison in it. Before Pinky could consume it, Gauri throws away the glass. Gauri’s move makes her fall in everyone’s eyes. Pinky gets angry on Gauri. She recalls the old incidents and vents out all the frustration on Gauri. Gauri tells her that she has to tell a big thing. Pinky asks her to leave. Gauri reveals about the poison added in the juice. She asks Pinky to be alert, someone is conspiring to kill her. Gauri gets trapped by Tia’s fake planning. Gauri gets misunderstood by Pinky. Pinky doesn’t believe Gauri and laughs off on her warning. She asks Gauri did she find this way to insult her. She asks Gauri to be away from her.

Tia has made the plan to frighten Gauri and spoil her image. Tia welcomes someone and hands over the red rose. Gauri gets worried seeing the person. She recollects hearing the shocking conversation on phone.

Tia wants to shatter the family. Tia tries to fail Tej’s big deal with Singhanias. She is sure that Gauri will herself create troubles for the family. Gauri falls in Tia’s web. Tia’s goon takes disguise and steps in Mr. Singhania’s place. Gauri tells Omkara that someone has entered the party with a motive to kill Pinky. She describes the person. Omkara tells Gauri that Mr. Singhania can’t murder anyone, after all he has come here for the business tie-up. Gauri vows to protect the family. Tia is sure that this time Gauri will miserably fail.


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