Kanak gets pleased by Uma’s stunning act in Tu Sooraj…


Uma takes a new avatar. He leaves Dhoti Kurta attire and dons a modern look. Uma and his siblings perform and show their swag. Uma impresses Kanak by showing his new look. He tells Kanak that if she can change for him, he can also adapt new things for her. Kanak gets surprised seeing Uma. They both perform a couple dance. They celebrate in their Sangeet. Rathis family joins their celebrations.

Kanak’s mehendi ceremony begins. Kanak is very happy that her marriage is happening with all the rituals. She didn’t expect Uma to perform in Bollywood style. Uma and Kanak see a happy future together. Kanak is alert about Maasi’s planning. She suspects Maasi. Maasi leaves from the function. She doesn’t think Kanak will follow her at this time. Kanak gets troubled by Maasi’s absence. Kanak decides to find Maasi’s secret plan. Bhabho falls unwell in the middle of the function. Kanak worries for Bhabho. The celebrations halt by Bhabho’s sickness.



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