Satrupa gears up to bring Anami back in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha feels Anami is up to something. Satrupa gets restless thinking about Anami. Baldev calms her worries. Adhiraj reaches Anami. He stops her from escaping. He takes Anami and Lakshya with him. Anami asks him why does he always have to act great by doing his duty, can’t he fulfill his duty towards a friend. Adhiraj tells her that he is going to drop her to Banaras. He cheers her up by revealing his plan. He tells her that he has done this to ensure her safety. He takes Anami and Lakshya and boards a bus.

Satrupa goes to check on Anami. She gets a strange feeling. She tells elders that she just wants to check once. They learn Anami is nowhere in Lal Mahal. Satrupa figures out and tells them that Anami has run away. Sudha gets informed about the same. She plans to kill Anami, finding it easy to attack.

The family discusses about Anami. Pujan asks Satrupa to hit on Anami’s weakness to get her back. Satrupa understands Anami has gone to her foster family. Adhiraj and Anami have a romantic moment. She gets thankful for his help. She feels he is her true friend, while he hides his feelings from her. The family wonders what made Anami take this decision suddenly. Satrupa gets ready to bring Anami back. She doesn’t want Anami’s life to fall in danger.


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