Avni to realize Neil’s innocence in Naamkarann


Avni saves Neil’s life after he was buried by Vidyut’s men. Avni learns about Neil’s innocence. She realizes he is Neo, who was taking revenge from Vidyut. She wonders what’s the reason that Neil has gone against the law and took Neo’s identity. All her answers get answered when Neela calls up Neil and tells him about the evidence she collected against Vidyut. She tells that they can now prove Avni innocent and get her released from the jail. Avni hears everything on the phone call. Avni learns about Vidyut’s pressurizing Neil to arrest her. She realizes Neil always believed her, but was just helpless because of Vidyut. She feels sorry to suspect Neil’s intentions. She gets restless to meet Neil.

Police doesn’t allow her. Neil undergoes a surgery. His condition gets critical. Vidyut’s men kidnap Neela. Vidyut aims to tarnish Neil’s reputation. He tells the commissioner that Avni has exposed Neil’s Neo avatar. He asks commissioner to punish Neil.

Avni sends Ali to help Neela. She gets worried for Neela’s safety. Vidyut meets her and threatens her about Neela. He tells Avni that he will ruin Neil completely. He asks Avni to accept his proposal, else get ready to lose her loved ones. He blackmails her for accepting his conditions, in order to save Neela and Neil. He gifts her a bridal dress. He tells Avni that he will soon see her as his bride. Avni doesn’t get scared of him, which makes him more obsessed for her. Avni gets to see Neela captive. Vidyut tells Avni that he is a very bad man, but he loves his mum a lot, just like she loves Neela.

He tells Avni that she has to escape from the jail to do his work. He asks Avni to free his mum from the jail if she wants to see Neela fine. Avni starts missing Neil. She feels guilty that she has doubted on Neil’s true love. She imagines Neil. She realizes the sacrifices made by Neil. Avni makes a plan and takes the blame that she is Neo, who escaped from the jail and took revenge from Vidyut by attacking his consignments. Avni tries to protect Neil’s reputation. She proves that Neil is not Neo. She fails Vidyut’s plan. She tells Vidyut that he will not win easily. Vidyut and Ragini Pandit will start torturing Avni.


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