Ishita to get accused yet again in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Adi gets upset with Mihika, when the latter vents out anger on Aaliya. Adi can’t bear Aaliya’s insult. Parmeet gets tagged as the loan shark. Mani confronts Parmeet for trapping Aaliya in big loans and making her keep the house mortgaged. Romi tells Adi that Simmi is influencing Mihika badly. He asks Adi not to worry and keep supporting Aaliya. Parmeet gets exposed when the family learns that he is the loan shark, involving Aaliya in gambling. Parmeet and Simmi play their next move. Parmeet puts the big allegation on Ishita. He frames Ishita and tells Bhallas that she is the loan shark.

Shagun doesn’t trust Parmeet. Ishita tells them that she knew Parmeet will come out clean by lying to them and blame anyone randomly. Parmeet uses Ruhi in his plan. He makes Ruhi testify against Ishita. Ruhi lies to the family and frames Ishita. Ishita asks Ruhi why is she lying.

Ruhi fails to tell them that Parmeet has blackmailed her about Nikhil. Parmeet produces fake evidence against Ishita. Raman fails to bear the shocking things and collapses. The family worries for his health condition getting worse. Simmi tries to send away Ishita. Ishita talks to the doctor about Raman’s condition. She tells them that Raman got unwell because of wrong medication. Ruhi feels sorry that she had to lie about Ishita to the family. Ishita and Simmi start blaming each other for Raman’s condition.


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