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    Ishqbaaz: Komal stops Shivay from calling police. She tells Shivay that she hates Anika as she has ruined her life. Veer asks Komal not to tell his name, else she will get punished. He asks Komal to jump down. Komal curses Anika that she will lose her love just like her. Veer reaches Shivay and Anika to act as a savior. He offers them help and takes them home. He gets angry seeing them together. He thinks Shivay can never win. He vows to break their love and relation. He thinks of his sacrifice and gets more inclined to get Anika in his life.


    Avni saves Neil’s life after he was buried by Vidyut’s men. Avni learns about Neil’s innocence. She realizes he is Neo, who was taking revenge from Vidyut. She wonders what’s the reason that Neil has gone against the law and took Neo’s identity. All her answers get answered when Neela calls up Neil and tells him about the evidence she collected against Vidyut. She tells that they can now prove Avni innocent and get her released from the jail. Avni hears everything on the phone call. Avni learns about Vidyut’s pressurizing Neil to arrest her. She realizes Neil always believed her, but was just helpless because of Vidyut. She feels sorry to suspect Neil’s intentions. She gets restless to meet Neil.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan realizes Ahaan is genuine hearted. He feels he has always misunderstood Ahana. He meets Ahana and accepts his mistake of spoiling Ahana and Anant’s relation. Ahana slaps him angrily. Rehaan holds himself responsible for ruining Anant and Ahana’s happiness. Anant tells Ahana that he loves her a lot, but he couldn’t understand her till now. He explains her why things got worse between them. It gets hard for him to stop hating her. He tells her that he is just trying to work out their relation by some distance. Ahana gives Anant the freedom to decide. Anant tells her that they have one month time to think about their marriage.


    Adi gets upset with Mihika, when the latter vents out anger on Aaliya. Adi can’t bear Aaliya’s insult. Parmeet gets tagged as the loan shark. Mani confronts Parmeet for trapping Aaliya in big loans and making her keep the house mortgaged. Romi tells Adi that Simmi is influencing Mihika badly. He asks Adi not to worry and keep supporting Aaliya. Parmeet gets exposed when the family learns that he is the loan shark, involving Aaliya in gambling. Parmeet and Simmi play their next move. Parmeet puts the big allegation on Ishita. He frames Ishita and tells Bhallas that she is the loan shark.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa tries to find Anami and Lakshya. She learns Adhiraj is helping Anami in her escape plan. She gets angry. Dadi explains her that she couldn’t become Anami’s friend and this made Anami seek out to Adhiraj. The family asks Satrupa the reason for Anami’s decision. Elders feel Anami can’t take the big step without any reason. Satrupa refuses to answer them. Elders feel sorry for themselves as they have lost Anami again. Anami and Adhiraj bond on their journey. They promise each other that they will always be there. Adhiraj gets impressed by Anami’s talks. Adhiraj tries to protect her from unknown dangers.


    Kartik learns Naira’s innocence and breaks out the truth to everyone about Sakshi and Raghav’s relation. The family’s trust on Naira gets back. Kartik and Naira spend some golden moments. A pandit predicts that Kartik and Naira will soon have a baby girl. He tells Goenkas that very soon the family will get a new member. Kartik and Naira think if they are prepared to become parents. Dadi doesn’t like to welcome a baby girl. She worries for having a heir. She tells pandit that she has no problem with a baby girl, but she wants a baby boy to take the family ahead. Dadi asks him to give a solution. He suggests a tough thing, and asks Dadi to try if she can. Dadi and Surekha get together in solving the problem. Pandit tells Aryan about his kundli dosh, which got cured by Suwarna’s kundli.


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