An old enemy returns to torture Avni in Naamkarann


Vidyut blocks Neela’s way and shockingly kidnaps Neela. He wants to take the evidence from her, which can prove Avni innocent. He doesn’t want Neela to reach Neil. He wants to blackmail Neil and Avni by using Neela. He wants to free his mum from jail. Vidyut tells Neela that he will soon marry Avni. He asks her to take the bridal dress and jewelry for Avni from his side. Neela calls him mad. Ragini pandit reaches jail. She starts making everyone against Avni. Avni is getting tortured by Ragini pandit. Avni gets kitchen duties again. Avni tries to fail Ragini pandit’s plans.

Monica and Avni get into an argument. The inmates who once loved Avni and supported her, now change into her enemies. They all start hurting Avni. Ragini pandit gets everyone on her side. Avni gets injured. Constables take Avni for the aid.

Avni learns that Vidyut has kidnapped Neela. Avni gets in hospital for treatment. Vidyut meets her and blackmails her about Neela. She gets troubled. She wants to save Neela from Vidyut. She tells him that he has turned more evil. He wants to fail Neil’s reputation. He tells her that she should run away from the jail and get Neil defamed. He wants to save his mum. He knows Avni will agree to him, as its about Neela this time. He tells her that he has used her mum to save his mum, and its fair in their battle. He is sure Avni will get convinced by him for the sake of her mum. He tells her that he will kill Neil if she doesn’t listen to him. Vidyut has the game in his hands. There will be high drama coming up.


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